Safe Sex

Use of condoms

Partners can either use male or female condoms during sex to put a barrier to the exchange of fluids. Male condoms are worn on the penis while female condoms are for the vagina and the anus. When used correctly, condoms can prevent STIs and pregnancy. For safe sex, you should use one condom at a time and never re-use.

Although condoms are safe, they do not guarantee complete protection from the risks of unprotected sex. That’s because they do not cover the entire genital areas and they can break during steamy sex.

Other Ways of Having Safe Sex

Apart from using a condom, safe sex stipulates that you have sex when ready and prepared to make the experience fun.

Other ways of practicing safe sex include:  

  • Making love to your partner when neither of you have infections.
  • Undergoing frequent screening for common infections and getting the necessary treatment in case one or both partners are infected.
  • Using other contraceptives besides condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • Communicating with your better half about each other’s unique sexual desires and the things you enjoy during intercourse.
  • Engaging in low risk sexual activities like masturbation, light kissing and massage.

With regards to safe sex, it is important to remember that having intercourse while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can impair judgment. To ensure safe sex, avoid having sex when high or drunk.

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