How to Get Rid of Vagina Smell

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Vagina odor is unpleasant and a turn off for men. It also degrades a woman’s health while lowering her self esteem. However, many women struggle with this problem more often. Even when a woman takes proper care of her body and vagina, her vagina can still produce a bad smell. Every woman’s vagina has its own natural smell. This smell can be described as ‘fleshy’ or ‘musky’.

Sexual intercourse can sometimes change the smell of a vagina. However, this happens only for a short period. Menstruation can also alter the smell of a normal and healthy vagina. Unlike other parts of a woman’s body, the vagina has its own natural cleansing mechanisms. However, if it develops a smell that is persistent or too strong to bear, there could be a serious problem that requires immediate action.

Here are some of the main ways recommend by escorts in las vegas to help you fight vagina smell:  

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Untidiness can be the cause bad vagina smell. When you take a regular bath, it is important that you properly clean the area that surrounds your vagina. Use a washcloth and gentle soap to clear the dirt, sweat and dead skin. Remember that using perfumed soaps, scents or detergents with chemicals to clean the vagina can interfere with its natural PH. This can lead to odors and other complications.

Avoid Using Deodorants on the Vagina

Every woman wants to smell good but, you should never use perfumes and sprays on the vagina. When applying deodorants on your body, be careful to ensure that they do not get into the vagina.

Change Underwear

According to las vegas escorts sometimes, the reason for vagina smell is pants that are made of fabrics that do not allow it to breathe freely. Therefore, switch to fabrics that do not accumulate moisture. If you have been wearing polyester, silk or satin underpants, try cotton underwear. Cotton is safe with better breath ability. Pants that are made of cotton prevent body fluids from accumulating around the vagina.

Dip in Vinegar

If you frequently take hot showers or hot baths, you are likely to experience irregular vagina PH and odors. But, bathing in vinegar can be one of the best ways to deal with this problem. Pour one or two cups of apple cider vinegar into warm bathing water and soak therein for about twenty minutes. This can effectively flush out bacteria and other substances that cause vagina smell.

In addition to this, try prescription treatments. However, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor first. Have your condition examined and the right remedies administered.

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